Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #16: Say Hola to my Hole-A

Tune in to today's cast to hear Marie B say things like "I could sit on a cake!" while Crista offers such gems as "Still love gay porn and still love pussy."

Today's cast is a protest against Anti-Porn week!

Crista and I discuss our issues with current arguments against porn, claims that porn causes destruction of marriages and communities and the societal problems that are the true causes of the victimization of women.

Some of the sites and people we mention here are:

We also give you a list of some fun porn sites but first we recommend you read Safer Porn Surfing by the lovely Violet Blue. We then confess to being Violet fansluts and offer our willing bodies to her for her amusement!

The sites we mention are:

In sex news: Say Yes to Breasts!

In sex toys we have the Laya Spot!

In the category of gratuitous pimping of friends' sites we mention Two Lumps and Flem Comics, the brain children of Mel Hynes and James Grant.


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