Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a quick audio Valentine from your PostModern SexGeek. Have fun tonight but above all...be safe!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sexual Fantasy

The word for today is RESPECT! It's a large part of what I discuss today and you'll understand why when you listen.
I apologize for having taken so long to post this podcast. Please forgive me?

Major points I touch on in this cast

  • Everyone has fantasies

  • Fantasy can occur whenever and wherever

  • We can learn a lot about ourselves and our partners from fantasy

  • This is especially true when the fantasies are real button pushers such as those involving things like BDSM, degradation, gender or even fear.

  • If you have fantasies that you consider "bad" or "wrong" then you can start to wonder if something is wrong with you or if you're a bad person. You definitely aren't. We all have fantasies that may seem taboo or scary. It's common since that which seems "forbidden" can often seem the most intriguing. This is human nature and it's not extraordinary

  • Whatever your fantasy may be, if you wish to try it out, you will need to talk to your partner about it

  • Introducing a fantasy to your partner can seem daunting

  • Especially if you don't normally discuss sex

  • It can be difficult for you if your partner brings up the subject as well

  • Doubts about one's abilities as a lover can occur

  • When talking about sexual fantasies, we always need to keep an open mind

  • We also need to be mindful of our partner's reaction and check in with them during these kinds of discussions. They may feel the need for reassurance

  • Make sure to consider when and where would be the right time to bring up the subject

Most popular sexual fantasies according to Internet research

  1. Being submissive/surrendering control

  2. Being dominant/in control

  3. Strap on sex

  4. Two partners at a time

  5. Sex work

  6. Sex with someone of the same gender/opposite gender

  7. Sex with strangers

  8. Group sex

  9. Exhibitionism/sex in a public place

  10. Past experiences

  11. Sex with "inappropriate" partners

In the advice column
Is it ok to use a vacuum pump on my girlfriend's genitals? Can we have intercourse afterwards?
The sites and/or people I referenced for answers are:
Albany Power Exchange and Mistress Persephone of Sickchixxx.com
No music today since the cast is almost 1 hour long! I had a lot to say since I haven't done a cast in so long!

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