Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Post-Modern Geek's Guide to Sex 5.75

Yes, dear listeners, it's another quickie show. I just want to be sure that you don't forget about me.

If my voice sounds a little odd today, it's because I had a freak asthma attack last night and I'm still dealing with the consequences.

Today I give a little preview of the upcoming sex toy show and I solicit info from my male listeners about their opinions on sextoys and buying toys for themselves.

I mention a couple of listener emails I received and answer the questions: " How do you feel about the lack of male frontal nudity? Do you feel cheated or is it true that women don't want to see penises? "

I also mention that I desperately need Podcast Alley Votes! VOTE FOR ME! PLEASE!!!!!

I mention the Podcasting group I recently found in my area as well as one of the podcasts done by local folks: Nowhere in Mulberry

I also mention my plan to start featuring a Geek Bachelor of the Month. If you'd like to participate, email me.

I also share two of my favorite sex related news stories:
Vaginal Grenade Smuggling and Downloadable, DVD burnable porn movies

And I once again beg for more feedback. Come on postmodern geeks, show this girl some love:

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