Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #33: What happens when you Google "sex and politics"?

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So in an attempt to have some red meat for my podcast *nudge nudge* I googled "sex and politics" and here is what I found:

I also rant about Sarah Palin, who has a very special place in hell waiting for her.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex Show #32: 3rd in the 7in7 Challenge!

Today's is a shorty! Sorry for missing a day, I've been feeling like death warmed over all week and finally started feeling human today. Yay!

Today I read a sexy, political flash fic piece done by erotica author and fellow podcaster and friend Nobilis.

Got comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Lemme hear them!

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The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #31: 2nd Show in the 7 in 7 Challenge

Episode 2 in the Sex and Politics themed 7 in 7 challenge via the Freak Network. Today I discuss:

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #30: 7 in 7 Baby!

Yes! It's another episode of the Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex! Crazy Girl that I am, I'm participating in Pizzababe's 7 in 7 podcast week which means I will be trying to get 7 podcasts out each day for the next week. We shall see how well that works!

New disclaimer: If you're not 18, you might want to go visit since this podcast can be a ;)

I mention that I am currently working on getting Crista to co-host a few podcasts with me. *nudge nudge* We shall see how that goes.

I mention the insanity that is currently the US economy. Check here, here and here for more info.

I mention the current fight over a draft of an proposed HHS rule that clinics, hospitals etc may not refuse to hire someone who believes that contraception is abortion and that that person may refuse to provide services if it is against their beliefs.

I also mention Jose B's newest podcast on Babalu Bistro: Desi Arnaz vs. Elvis

And the rest is a bit of babble. It's a shorty but then, one can only record one's own voice for so long without going a bit crazy!

Intro and outro music is Filthy Gorgeous by Scissor Sisters. Enjoy!

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