Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Popping the podcast cherry

Finally! The Maiden podcast of The Post-Modern Geek's Guide to Sex is up (RSS feed is No it's not perfect and yes I know the sound needs work but it's up and I did it. Woohoo!

The main topic of today's show was World AIDS Day and HIV prevention. Check out the following sites for more info:

Music from todays podcast was "Waking Up The Neighborhood" by Planet of Women and Push by Brother Love.

And most importantly, my intro and end music was "Naked Under Leather" by Rubber Band Banjo. With a song name like that, is it any wonder why I like it so much?

Go check out The Kaiser Family Foundation for all things public health related.

Podcasts you must check out!
The Daily Source Code by Adam Curry
Open Source Sex by Violet Blue
Whorecast by Melissa Gira
Whispered Pearls at Creative Filth

And most importantly...The Podsafe Music Network where I found all the music I used for this show.

Don't let me forget Good Vibrations either! For all your sex toy needs.

Thank you for listening and thank you for any creative criticism you can send my way. And if you notice any links I forgot to put up, please let me know.

Edit: I realized after the fact that the file had been truncated in transit but I now have the proper, complete file in there so please give it a listen again.

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