Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex Show #25: Medical sex and ENDA?

Sorry for the long wait!

First off, a huge THANK YOU to my new show producer, Ash B. who I found on SL. This is now a podcast by a woman, produced by a woman. That's a whole lotta estrogen, baybee!

The first topic I discuss is the trend towards the Medicalization of Sex i.e. everything is a disease and needs a drug rather than better communication and more sexual imagination. Go to this website and this article for a more reading on the subject.

The next topic I discuss is ENDA: The Employment Non Discrimination Act.
In order to get it passed through congress, proponents have decided that removing protection for trans gendered folks is necessary. WTF?

No music today but if i find good stuff, I will be bringing it to ya on my show.

Love you all!

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