Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #36 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

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Today's podcast is a quickie.

It's a brief blurb about the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I mention it's origins as a brain child of Dr. Annie Sprinkle that the Sex Workers Outreach Project ran with and turned into an international event.

I discuss my reasons for supporting this day, namely, the human right not to be hurt or killed while working just because someone does not approve of your line of work or thinks you aren't really human.

Please give it some thought and definitely give some thought to the many people who have been hurt or killed simply because they were (or were thought to be) sex workers.

Annie Sprinkle offers Ten Things You Can Do to Participate(from the SWOP Web site)

Absolutely EVERYONE is invited to participate. Here’s how.

1. Organize (or attend) a memorial in your town. Simply choose a place and time to gather. Invite people to bring their stories, writings, thoughts, related news items, poems, lists of victims, performances, and memories. Take turns sharing.

2. Hold (or attend) a candlelight vigil in a public place.

3. Do something at home alone, which has personal meaning, such as a ritual memorial bath, or light a candle.

4. Call a friend and discuss the topic.

5. Send a donation to a group that helps sex workers stay safer. For example, some teach self-defense or host web sites that caution workers about bad Johns.

6. Go to the Sex Worker Outreach Project’s,, read it, and add something to the site. Do let others know about any planned Dec. 17 events by listing them on the SWOP web site.

7. Spread the word about the Day to End Violence Towards Sex Workers and the issues it raises; or blog, email, call, send a press release, or forward this text to others.

8. Go to Washington DC. This December 17, 2008 there will be a National March for Sex Worker Rights. People will converge from all over to take a stand for justice and safety. Info at

9. Organize a panel discussion about violence towards sex workers. Procure a community space and invite speakers like sex workers, police, and families of victims.

10. Create your own way to participate.

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