Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Postmodern Geek's Guide to Sex #37: The POTUS is Rocking My Sexgeek Socks

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Hi folks! I"m back after a rather long holiday hiatus. I chat a bit about some of the exciting policy decisions that have come out of our new President's policy decisions as well as throw in some random sexgeekiness that has struck my fancy recently.

Global Gag Rule: LIFTED!

I mention NARAL's Blog for Choice Day and the entry I made on that day which I was then happy to see start coming true the next day as mentioned above. :-)

Also, Condoms do help protect against HPV, Tonsils are not friendly to HIV and in Weird Sex News: Blow Up Doll Bandit.

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Intro and Outro music is "We Carry On" by Portishead

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Dratski! said...

Great video ! (like your blog as well).