Sunday, July 05, 2009

On Food Pr0n and Lady Pr0n

Almost afternoon, whatever.

As is my usual habit when I wake, I checked my phone for new email and was amused to find that Tastespotting had "followed" me back on Twitter ( I added them last night in a fit of food pr0n desire). For the uninitiated, Tastespotting is leading purveyor of glossy, sexy, inspiring, mouth watering foor pr0n. Each gorgeous photo of lusty dishes, playful cupcakes and juicy tarts links back to the recipe so that we average Joes and Janes can try our hands at creating our very own yummy centerfold spreads of food. Do not click that second link if you're hungry. Just sayin'.

Now for those of you who like porn of a more...human flavor, I just read on Vi's blog that Hegre now has iHegre available for the iPhone. Now personally, I am not particularly inspired by the Hegre lovelies because they're just too skinny and conventional for me but they are quite lovely in their own way and I know more than a few of you will like their looks. And yes, those links are very NSFW so don't click if you're not alone or around porn friendly types.

And that does it for me for now. I need to go get dressed and get some things accomplished around the house before it snowballs out of control...

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