Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Violence against women: It's all in your head

No really. It is. We women are well known for making up such stuff and becoming drama/attention whores about it all.

Everyone knows it's all made up and that in reality we have nothing to fear. Right?


I am constantly amazed how frequently people meet legitimate concerns women have for their well being with "OMG you're such a drama whore shut up!" as if somehow the numbers of rape, stalking, harassment and domestic violence are all made up. Even worse are the men who laugh at us for being such silly girls and then drag out the usual bullshit about how "men get raped too and you don't see me worrying about it so much!"

Uh huh. With the exception of prison, the numbers of male rape do not begin to compare with female rape victims. Add to that the fact that from the time we are old enough to understand danger, we women are taught that we are prey and that we must be careful lest something we do/wear/say causes some vicious animal of a man to attack us. A rather effective means of control, dontcha think?

This new attitude of "it's all in your head" is a new take on the whole issue. If we get assaulted, then it's our fault. If we express concern about assault, then we're being attention whores. It's a no win situation and the next person who tells me that having a forum of men saying that you should be raped and discussing how they have been keeping tabs on your whereabouts is no cause for worry shall be summarily kicked in the gonads.

Seriously folks, this is not rocket science. Stop being so goddamned disingenuous.

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chipkali said...

I would like to post this link as an example of the kind of after-the-fact-harassment that some rape victims face.

Women often get blamed for getting harassed or raped when they were wearing a certain type of clothing. However, that is just such BS. In a packed commuter us someone started rubbing his dick against me, even though I was wearing quite possibly the most unfeminine clothing ever. Hardly constitutes rape of course but is a proof to the point that the whole "it's the womans fault" is a handy excuse for perp and likeminded individuals.