Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wow, a voice of reason in the wilderness of sordid reporting

I had an exchange with someone on my Friends list about this recently. I agree with the author of this piece but my friend seemed to feel that a person's infidelity was relevant to their campaign. I continue to strongly disagree with that and I would be more than happy to see the media keep out of politicians' sex lives. Aside from it being none of our business or irrelevant, it's just not something I want to know. Seriously folks, who else felt they needed to bleach their brain after the details of Monica and Bill's escapades were released?

It’s high time to leave the sex out of politics
Basing your vote on a candidate’s sex life is a dicey proposition in any election. Not only because it’s hard to have knowledge about such things, but more important because it doesn’t seem to be a good indicator of a person’s performance as a public official. Many people voted for Bush in 2000 because of his pledge to "restore honor and dignity to the White House" after Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. So far, the Bush administration has been a grand success in this regard. Not even one hint of sexual indiscretion. Of course, the war in Iraq has lasted longer than World War II, we have the largest trade-deficit of all time, a budget surplus that was turned into the largest budget deficit of all time, a devalued currency, high unemployment, a housing and financial market meltdown and subsequent bailout, stagnant wages and record gas prices. You might lose your house, but at least you can be comforted in knowing that the prez is not fooling around with the interns.
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Dr. Brainiac said...

Yes, we must keep our priorities in order, mustn't we?

Great post!